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About Us

NEXCO is a machine tool accessories marketing company, engaged in products like CNC Rotary tables, Hydraulic turrets, and Automatic tool Changers.
NEXCO is committed to offering the highest quality products, through the experience, dedication, and innovation of our joint venture partners.

Our mission is to understand and support our customer's requirements with a technologically superior, wide range of products, which can deliver optimum performance. Keeping the customer in focus the products are designed for easy integration with all machine tools.

NEXCO Products exhibit strict quality control at all stages of the manufacturing process. All components are manufactured in-house to ensure the highest possible quality of the finished product. With an efficient production facility for manufacturing CNC Rotary tables, Hydraulic turrets, and Automatic tool changers, we can deliver the product with a small lead time. This is one of the reasons why NEXCO has emerged out as the selected partner in recent times of major machine tool builders, at home.


In today's competitive world, to achieve and sustain success over a long time, it has become imperative to embrace technology and 

increase productivity.

We, at Nexco, look to be your partner in this endeavour to achieve progress. We look forward to offering you tech savvy & highly

innovative products and solutions to enable & reliably increase the productivity of your machines - existing & upcoming.

Our focus is to not just offer primary products like CNC Rotary Tables, Hydraulic Turrets Automatic Tool Changers & Indexers, but to innovatively 

design enhanced solutions that can enable full capability usage of the CNC  machines.

The Rotary and Indexer based Production systems allow for multi-axes access to the machining of high-precision and complex components

for demanding industries like valves, aerospace, 3C, etc.

Our Auto Tool Changers are unique in design and high speed in operations enabling critical cycle time savings and are very reliable in operations.

Our "AlwaysON" focus on Services promises reduced downtime and immediate and qualitative support to any challenges in running our products.

We shall endeavour to be your most trusted, preferred & productive Partner in Growth

Nimish Shah   




To be your most Trusted, Preferred & Reliable Partner in Growth by providing innovative & productive solutions to emerging challenges & meeting tomorrow's expectations.


To be India's Largest Technology Solutions provider to Machine Tools Builders & Machining Shops across domain of Machine tool Accessories.

We aim to sustain our Partnership of performance & productivity with our customers through sustained focus on customer satisfaction, continual improvement in processes, products & solutions through constructive dialogue with our customers and deploying state of art technologies to provide world-class products & solutions.


Our pedigree includes some of the world's leading machine tools accessories manufacturers - GSA+ and POJU from Taiwan. 

They are our joint venture partners and prime movers of our technological & innovation pursuits


We offer a complete range of cost-effective solutions in customer support through technical support for installation & commission of products, selection of suitable accessories based on customer application, technical & usage training on customer shop floor, solving technical problems & helping in maintaining the health and performance of the products over time. Our service team spread over India would be the backbone of this promise.

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